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          Listening section

          The recordings for Part 1 and Part 4 of the Listening section are played twice.

          The recordings for Part 2 and Part 3 of the Listening section are only played once.

          Listening Part 1 Understanding short extracts (10 questions)

          You listen to some short recordings (about 20 seconds long) and try to understand what they are talking about, or who is talking or what they are trying to say in each one.

          Example: You look at this on the question paper.

          Part OneQuestions 1–10● You will hear 10 short conversations.

          ● For questions1–10, circle one letterA, BorCfor the correct answer.

          ● You will hear each conversationtwice.

          1Which is the gate number for the flight to Bangkok?

          A B


          Then you listen to this.

          InstructionsQuestion 1. Which is the gate number for the flight to Bangkok?

          Announcement: Attention all passengers waiting at Gate 17 for flight BA203 to Bangkok. Please proceed immediately to Gate 12 where your plane will be boarding shortly.

          The correct answer is B.

          Listening Part 2 Taking down messages, notes, etc. (12 questions)

          You listen to three phone conversations. For each one, you have a form or message to complete, using the information you hear in the conversation. You hear each conversation only once.

          Example: You look at this on the question paper.

          Conversation OneQuestions 11–14● Look at

          Quantity/Amount: (14)

          Then you listen to this.

          Instructions:Conversation One, questions 11 to 14.

          Look at the form below. You will hear a man calling to place an order.

          Man: I’d like to make an order please.

          Woman: Certainly, sir. Could you give me your name, please?

          Man: Yes, it’s Ken Saunders.

          Woman: How do you spell Saunders, please?

          Man: S-A-U-N-D-E-R-S. Saunders.

          Woman: And the name of your company is ...?

          Man: Greenlight Communications, 201 Hall Road, Manchester.

          Woman: What was the name of the road again?

          Man: Hall, H-A-L-L.

          Woman: And could I take a telephone number and fax number?

          Man: Telephone 064 313 988, fax 064 318 006.

          Woman: Thank you very much. Now can I take your order?

          Man: It’s for some computer desks. They’re model 00519 in your catalogue.

          Woman: And how many did you want to order?

          Man: Six

          Woman: Right. The computer desks are £800 each, so that will be a total of £4,800 for six, plus £50 transportation charges. That makes a total of £4,850. As soon as we receive your cheque or bank draft, we’ll despatch

          them to you. Delivery usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks.

          Man: Good. I’ll post it to you today.

          The correct answers are: 11 Saunders

          12 064 318 006

          13 computer desk(s)

          14 6

          Listening Part 3 Understand

          placed the typewriter and are standard equipment in almost every office. But how safe are they? As more and more people begin using them, there is a degree of controversy about their effects on health. There are some operators who report experiencing a number of symptoms – from relatively minor complaints like headaches and itching skin to more serious back and shoulder problems.

          The correct answer is C.

          Reading and Language Knowledge section

          Reading Part 1, Section 1 Understanding notices and short extracts (7 questions)

          You read some common notices or extracts from letters, forms, adverts, lea.ets, etc. You answer one question about each one.


          . . . See enclosed brochure for details and levels of compensation.

          AYou should write to us for details about compensation.

          BDetails about compensation are given in a separate document.

          CYou will find more information on compensation on the next page.

          The correct answer is B.

          Reading Part 1, Section 2 Sentences with a gap (6 questions)

          Each sentence must be completed using only one of the four choices available.


          ● Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.

          ● For questions58–63, markoneletterA, B, CorDon your Answer Sheet.

          58My job frequently involves having to work ……………….. intense pressure.





          Women running their own businessAccording to recent research, a third of new companies set up in Britain are run by women. Typical examples are Lisa Simons, who started up her own highly successful clothing shops in London with a loan of £15,000 from her bank, and Kate Rogers, who set upCellar Cafésfive years ago and sold out to a major restaurant chain this month, at a profit of £3 million.

          There are many other examples.Surprise, a mail order company selling unusual gifts, had a turnover of $4 million last year. The company was started by Claire Fuller five years ago in a garage, but later moved into premises in the centre of Coventry. Similarly, Nina Taylor started her company,NC Books, in an old warehouse in Bristol. A lawyer by training, she had no previous experience of the retail trade but believes that this worked to her advantage. ‘Having no knowledge of the book trade,’ she says, ‘allowed me to bring fresh ideas into the business.’

          64One-third of new British businesses

          Aconsist of chain companies.

          Bare owned or managed by women.

          Coperate within the food sector.

          65What does the second paragraph tell us about the company calledSurprise?

          AThe company delivers its products by post.

          BThe company has made a profit every year.

          CThe company operates from a garage.

          The correct answers are: 64 B, 65 A

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